Max Showing His Therapy Skills, and Some Positives on My Mum’s Progress

– Looking after grandma

I have to talk again about how great Max is. Monday was his weekly “therapy dog” gig at assisted living; he is always so helpful and patient and encouraging to everyone. Likewise, day to day at home he is equally wonderful – most especially with my mother.

I tried to get a video to demonstrate the stellar work he does. But of course, being a dog with opinions about the Paparazzi, he decided to sit there and look like he didn’t know what I was talking about!

Regardless, Max Retriever is a natural on screen!

Talking of my mother, this week’s update in terms of her status is fairly positive. Currently she is a little more engaged, her appetite is a lot better, and she seems less “lost” in general. This is not a reversal of direction so much as a welcome stabilization.

Getting more members of “The Team.”

Mum is not at all happy, however, with the fact that we are working with a home-care agency (just three mornings a week). But she is beginning to understand that I am serious about getting regular support services in place.

My reasoning is that we need to have some of these additional resources up and running now, rather than waiting until the last minute. It would be impossible to suddenly begin personalized professional care the day we need it. Now we are ready for a change in her health, for example, or Rebekah and I leaving town for vacation (which we will, twice, this summer), or if we need/want to be away all day or overnight. So this process of getting used to people coming into the house now – even if she believes it’s a waste of time and money – hooks her into services she absolutely will need down the road.

Most importantly, this is how I am supporting my mum’s desire to stay in her house and to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible.

Mum insists her friends would be more than happy to look in on her from time to time. They are willing, they have gone above and beyond in the past, and they are wonderful people; but I am not going to put that level of responsibility on friends. They can still call, and visit, and bring a meal or a treat, and be an encouragement – and for all of that we are grateful.

The bottom line:

– Derek Maul with Max

It is not easy to persuade someone to accept assistance they believe they have no need for. The alternatives, however, would be an even more difficult path to traverse. My prayer is that we never have to.

So that’s the report from Maul Hall this week, on another spectacular, sunshiny, cool spring day.

In love, and because love always carries us through – DEREK

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  1. So lovely to see your report update Derek !Im so pleased to see the news on Grace !Im praying A lot for her because she has been such a special friend to me ALL.her life ! I’m only 3 weeks older than her !please give her my love !Im hoping my daughter will help me phone Grace when she comes to see me this weekend !love from Brenda


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