So, how’s your walk?

Your word is a lamp before my feet     and a light for my journey. – Psalm 119:105 One of the questions that constantly comes up when I talk about faith is, “How do I transition from someone who checks in with God once in a while, to a disciple who quite literally walks with Jesus?” It’s a challenge no matter who you are, or how you structure … Continue reading So, how’s your walk?

4 photos from Harper’s Ferry, WVA

Here are just a few photos of Rebekah and me from Harper’s Ferry Tuesday morning. Wow, what a hot, hot day. But also what a spectacular location, and what an amazingly interesting historical site! That John Brown was certainly a most bizarre character! The pictures are, in order: Rebekah looking at the amazing view from “Jefferson’s Rock,” where the celebrated patriot said the vista was … Continue reading 4 photos from Harper’s Ferry, WVA