recalibrating the idea of Godly manhood…

So I am taking a look at the idea that we are made in the image of God, that Jesus is the best example possible of what God’s image looks like in a human being, and that Christ’s followers also have a lot to teach us when it comes to “manly” ideals and behavior.

good grief #beatitudes

We all agreed that it is only through acknowledging our pain, making ourselves vulnerable, and opening up those tender places both to God and to people who love us, that we are able to begin to engage the healing touch of God in a way that is transformational.

“You’re the luckiest guy I know” (joy, peace, blessings, and promise)

So yesterday evening, while I’m outside raking pine-straw off the driveway in the dark (because Rebekah seriously can’t see any more where the concrete ends and the yard begins…), I get a text message from Naomi that reads: “Ummm, Dad, your grandson wants to Skype with you.” That’s the photograph … Continue Reading “You’re the luckiest guy I know” (joy, peace, blessings, and promise)