Tales from the Great Adventure

a journal of living-like-we-mean-it, by Derek Maul

Simply flying the Christian flag does not make rude people civil, mean people nice, angry folk peaceable, crude folk polite, jealous people generous, unhappy folk joyful, selfish people unselfish, or arrogant folk humble.

We can push the religion side of things hard, but unless we are really living for Jesus, filled with the Spirit, trusting in God, we present something that is harsh, bland, and unappetizing.

If there is anything this world needs a lot more of right now, it is committed followers of Jesus living love out loud – disciples who tell the truth about the Gospel simply by the way that they live.

This is an inescapable love. Even when we reject God; even when we say we have no interest because religion has disappointed us; even when we think we have placed ourselves outside the reach of grace; God’s love infiltrates regardless, and the Creator counts us as one of his own.

The best solution for your Monday morning problem is a great Sunday!!! Happy Monday, friends! I know Monday mornings get a bad rap sometimes, but I’ve always believed they are eminently redeemable. Fact is, the best solution for your Monday morning problem is a great Sunday – and yesterday was no exception. My wife, Rebekah – who …

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This is going to be a challenging time for us as a nation and as a redeemed people. But I am a Child of Promise, committed to following Jesus, and I intend to be a source of light, not dissension

I am suggesting we turn our attention away from this false and damaging narrative, and offer a new story, one that we begin to tell and to live with such conviction and such a winsome wholesomeness that it drowns out the noise that’s coming from so much of the media we seem to be addicted to.