Hello, WordPress!

However, the site has been “down for maintenance” ever since I signed in yesterday afternoon. Not cool, Google…
Desperate, I jumped over to WordPress.
Maybe I can RSS to this spot on a regular basis?
Maybe I can cut and paste?
Who knows?
Regardless, we’ll see how this works out and take it from there.
Peace (and welcome to WordPress)

Derek Maul

3 thoughts on “Hello, WordPress!

  1. Deborah Hayden


    I love the idea of covering life and especially as it relates to moving from the mundane and mediocre to the exceptional. Sometimes life kicks you in the teeth, but as I understand it, it’s not what happens to you, but what you do about it, that makes all the difference. I want that difference! I am working on it as best I can, and I appreciate all of your good words and inspiration. I know God loves me and all of us, more than we can even dream. Life could hold so much for each of us, if we were able to drop our own self-limiting and self-defeating beliefs and behaviors, and open the door to the life that God has made available to us. I want it! Thanks for being one of the people that reminds me that God might have given me specific talents and personality traits for a reason!


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