Beyond Travel Photos: Actually Living the Story

Mars Hill, Athens. Acropolis in background

TRAVEL PHOTOS: Yesterday and today I’ve been putting the finishing touches on the photo album project that covers the Middle-East adventure Rebekah and I had in January. There is so much to include (and then so much that inevitably gets left out) that I’ve settled on a four-book set.

The general title is EPIC ADVENTURE 2012. The four books are:

  1. Part One: Athens and Egypt
  2. Part Two: Sinai and Jordan
  3. Part Three: Israel – Masada and The Galilee
  4. Part Four: Jerusalem.

Like any editing project, it’s very difficult to put a stop to the process and hit the “send” button. Did I use the exact best pictures? Are the words I chose to include the best fit? Are the facts all 100% accurate? Are there any typos (YES!!!)?

Such amazing fun!

STORY-TELLING IS VISUAL: Ultimately – and this is difficult for me to accept as my primary gift is writing – my goal is for the pictures alone to tell the story. I’ve talked before in this blog about the difference between images that are merely beautiful and images that actually tell a story. Well, these books are a prime example; If I have to lean over your shoulder and explain every page, then I didn’t do such a great job with my Nikon or with my editing.

I have chosen cover images that – to my mind – are stunning. That amounts to just four covers for a most amazing trip! But at some point (today), and this is the reason I’m even sharing this story in today’s post, it has to be time to launch. Perfect or not, there’s no way we can share our epic adventure unless I’m willing to take the risk, hit “send,” and bring the project into the light.

Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives
THAT’s THE WHOLE POINT: I invest a lot of effort in this “Life-Charged Life” blog, writing about what it means to live a fully engaged Christian life. I spend a lot of time on introspection, inspiration, personal growth, spiritual formation, prayer and study. I try to answer all the questions readers email and “comment.” I try to be faithful to God’s Word.

That’s nice. However, where the rubber meets the road in this “Follower of the Way of Jesus” conversation, is when we set the editing aside, take a deep breath, and hit the “send” button. I’m talking about putting ourselves out there in this broken world and actually living for Jesus. Living for others in Jesus’ name. Living the “life-Charged Life” rather than just thinking about it.

This is love for God: to obey his commands. And his commands are not burdensome. – 1 John 5:3

So that is the nature of my challenge; and my prayer is that it will also be yours. DEREK

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