golf, practice, torn muscles, and Lent

We have guests in our house this week. Rebekah’s cousin Zandra from Georgia, and her husband, Ed, are visiting for a little spring break R&R – she’s a teacher – and it puts us on a semi-vacation footing ourselves.

Consequently, later this morning, I’ll be playing my second game of golf in three days. That’s unprecedented for me. Finally, after years of saying things like, “I wait too long between games for muscle-memory to kick in…” and, “I’d probably score much better if I ever played more than once a month…,” we get to see if it’s true!

The theory is sound. There should be things I learned on Wednesday that will pay off today. I hit the ball 92 times, so today – theoretically – this time I should be able to document a little improvement.

BUT…. On the other hand, I tore a muscle in my shoulder on the 15th hole the other day and limped my way in without hitting a single fairway. That can’t be good!

I promise to be honest, and I’ll report my score tomorrow even if it balloons over 100.

LENT: This whole conversation is making me think about Lent. A lot of us adopt spiritual practices this time of the year that are otherwise rusty from lack of use. We don’t “warm up” so to speak. Then, instead of growing closer to God, we overreach, tear a spiritual muscle of two and become discouraged.

The best way to nurture our faith is to cultivate spiritual practice over the long haul, and to develop our relationship with God through daily disciplines that strengthen the relationship with God over time.

Now it may be that I do really well today, despite the damage from going in cold turkey. But the likelihood remains I’ll be recording something north of 100.

We have just over a week now before Palm Sunday. Let’s at least make sure we’re ready for Holy week, stretching our spiritual muscles every day between now and then, preparing ourselves for the coming of the King!

In love, and because of love – DEREK

3 thoughts on “golf, practice, torn muscles, and Lent

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  2. Well, Derek, now you are treading in my territory (golf, sports and faith!) I’m stumbling a bit over how you “tore” a muscle and still managed to swing the club at all. (Let us not discuss the metaphor confusion around “limping”in, unless you walk on your hands which, perhaps you can) But the notion of gradual preparation with regular dedicated practice is spot on. This is, of course, why I find the active life to be such a good companion to the Christian journey. Perhaps you have seen my posts at the You told me I had to make it a regular practice. I try to do what I’m told.

    Hit ’em straight! And perhaps count putts or up and downs or fairways hit? I’ve found that the score rarely tells the whole story 🙂


    1. Hi!
      Good to hear from you. Yes, I’ve visited your page. You’re doing a good job with it!
      My “torn” muscle was probably more “it feels like a torn muscle.” No diagnosis. As for limping in, it was more like I was hitting with my feet than walking on my hands!
      Regardless, I enjoyed all 99 strokes.

      Peace and blessings – DEREK


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