Jesus, Pope Francis, “belonging,” and The Greatest Story Ever Told

OK, friends, I have to be honest. The number (for those of you who read yesterday’s post) was a whopping “99.” Thus proving my theory that, absent the routine of disciplined practice, simply jumping in and hoping for the best seldom guarantees the hoped for result!

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theUletterUthis morning, Saturday March 16, I enjoyed another opportunity to share some faith stories; but this time it was for the monthly breakfast gathering at our own church. It’s the third tier of our men’s ministry. There’s the Tuesday morning prayer breakfast, the Wednesday evening small-group Bible study, and then the monthly Saturday morning breakfast that’s designed as an outreach event.

The Saturday morning format calls for a speaker followed by “faith conversation” around the tables, so I presented a short message and passed out questions for discussion.

What I shared, essentially, was the following:

  1. Like (newly elected) Pope Francis pointed out: “It’s not about me; it’s not about you; it’s about Jesus.”
  2. The story of Jesus is the story of belonging; Jesus is an invitation to be engrafted into the family of God.
  3. We all have a story, and all of our stories find their meaning in The Greatest Story Ever Told.
  4. We are God’s primary vehicle of communication, sharing this message of belonging via the way we respond to Christ’s ongoing and amazing invitation to live.

The way that we live into “The Jesus Story” turns out to be the exact word of hope and encouragement that this world is longing for.

With that in mind, let’s all enjoy the most awesome weekend imaginable! And, I’ll see you in church tomorrow. First Presbyterian Church of Brandon meets Sunday mornings for worship, both at 8:30 (Contemporary) and 11:00 (more traditional but still very informal).



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