Hope because Christ has interceded #TheFirstWeekofAdvent

Some people explain the work of Jesus as standing between humankind and an angry God – as a kind of buffer, persuading God not to destroy us. But Jesus is God, there is no opposition or conflict within the Godhead! Jesus is God’s love manifest in human form. Jesus offers salvation because reconciliation is God’s will for me and for you.

recovery update (one month after surgery)

…So that’s pretty much where we are as of today – moving toward Christmas not only with anticipation for the coming of the King, but also in anticipation of continued healing – even if it is excruciatingly slow sometimes. “I hope, Lord; my whole being hopes…”

God Speed, John Glenn – hero

In 1962 I was a six-year-old English kid who’s attention seldom wandered far from the closest soccer ball. Then John Glenn climbed into a tin can strapped to the top of a massive rocket, and became the first American to orbit the earth. Since then he’s been one of my heroes.