shine like stars in the universe (Andrew and Alicia’s wedding day!)

DSC_0215Well, it happened. Andrew and Alicia’s epic wedding celebration is officially wrapped up and recorded into history. This afternoon, after a long, lazy luncheon with the immediate family, the “A-Team” made their way through the lobby of Midland’s “H” hotel and on to their honeymoon in the Caribbean.

The wedding service took place Saturday afternoon, with Rebekah officiating. Rebekah did (are you surprised?) a better than amazing job. She continued with yesterday’s theme, preaching from the “Jesus turning water into wine passage,” and reminding everyone that “experiencing the best” is always about having Jesus at the heart of our lives – and most especially our relationships.

The church was full, the music was marvelous, the spirit of love and joy was evident in abundance, and the couple were radiant. It may not be traditional to include the groom in this kind of descriptive reference, but the fact is that both Alicia and Andrew were beautiful.

RECEPTION: The Midland Country Club provided a spectacular backdrop for the reception, and the entire event achieved every imaginable definition of “top class.” The evening was fun beyond fun, with the best of absolutely everything, including the awesome gathering of good people in attendance.

DSC_0253My toast was by far the shortest, and this is the essence of what I said:

  • First, I thanked Chris and Clark Pashby for their generous hospitality…
  • Then I told Andrew and Alicia that I wanted them to “Live like they mean it, because God most certainly intended something beautiful and positive when you were created.”
  • Next I charged them to, “Tell the truth about the Gospel of Love, simply by being.” “In other words,” I said, “may your life together tell the good story about God’s rich and amazing love.”
  • Finally, I shared my favorite scripture from Philippians 2. “Shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life.” “Your life,” I continued, “together; held out like an offering of light and love to a world that knows too little of either.”

HOPE: The evening ran late, full with dancing, and laughter, and cupcakes, and gelato, and so much great conversation. The happy couple was saluted with hundreds of sparklers as they made their way to the well-decorated get-away car, and the stragglers stayed up well beyond midnight so we would not waste even a moment of such a great day.

Another young family has been launched; another opportunity for light and goodness to take root; another good love story that will invite others to make the decision to live well, and purposefully, into hope and promise.

This is Andrew and Alicia Maul, Drewski and Alishka, ready to make this world a richer and better place… because their life together is going to shine – DEREK



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