All You Need Is Love (love is always a decision)

wftlogoDealing with spam is an ongoing challenge for any on-line venue, especially those that generate a lot of traffic. Even personal blogs like this one have to deal with the problem, and crossing the “1,000 subscriber” threshold has ramped up the interest.

It’s even worse when you run a news site. In consequence my new friends at “Wake Forest Today” have had to close down “comments” below the articles. But Wanda Mukherjee, Editor, does welcome the traditional “Letter to the Editor” (at

All this is by way of preamble to inviting you to read my latest column on the site. You can access my contribution via the home page, or go directly to my section, at “Reading Between the Lines.

This week I write about my Chamber of Commerce level enthusiasm for our new home, and the decision Rebekah and I make (always) to love where we live. Here’s the “tease:”

Today’s phrase: “All You Need is Love.”

At the breakfast table!
At the breakfast table!

Last week one of my friends at church said, “You’re so upbeat about living here you should write advertizing copy for the Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce.”

OK, so I’ll pause briefly while the local Chamber of Commerce people write down my name – that’s D-E-R-E-K-M-A-U-L – I’ll respond to any kind of an offer.

Let me explain. All the positive words you read from me are genuine. Both Rebekah and I are confirmed “bloom where you’re planted” people. We’ve always believed we have a choice when it comes to loving a new location… or otherwise. (Read more at Wake Forest Today….)

My prayer is – always – that we make the decision to love. It’s what “makes the world go ’round,” you know – DEREK

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