Savant Jedi Master of Ebullience


AND THEY’RE OFF: It’s 9:45, and the house is quiet again. It’s OK, because I really do need to get a few things done. But I miss the grandchildren already.

Naomi pulled out just a few minutes ago, heading north toward Connecticut, taking the “play, play, play;” “shoot from the hip;” “live like you mean it;” “no holds barred;” “go for the gusto;” “take no prisoners…” grandchildren with her.

Naomi and kids heading to the park

I captured a few more choice images over the past 24-hours. There’s a fine line between taking enough photographs to chronicle what’s happening, and missing the experience because all you do is take pictures.

My rule is essentially a nod to journalism. Pictures, like words, simply provide an outline, a sketch. They’re a kind of CliffsNotes version of the event; a precis, summary, or abstract.

Yesterday, for example, I was amazed at David’s constant energy output. We took a two-and-a-half mile stroll along the Neuse River Greenway; David must have covered around four!

He pranced, trotted, galloped, ran, and hopped. Curious, excited, delighted. He named everything he could; he yelled out colors; and he was always turning to make sure his enthusiasm was properly noted.

Beks just sat in her stroller, contented. She jabbered, pointed, smiled, and cooed the entire hour.

IMG_3266The walk was a microcosm of the visit. Beautiful weather, idyllic surroundings, happy children, witnessing learning and growth happen right in front of my eyes! It’s like watching a computer download a new program: 35%… 60%… 80%… 95%…. and then – BINGO! – they’re all loaded up and looking for the next topic to master.

It’s that sense of delight at discovery; the freshness, buoyancy, zest, and sparkle. I once used the word “ebullience” to describe our daughter, Naomi; I think I need to use it again.

Of course, the learning curve is mine, too. David is a kind of Jedi master right now in the field of ebullience, a savant of verve; he is my sensei of joy, my enthusiasm master, my mentor of fun.

IMG_3238Yes, hanging around the grandkids is good. I may not have completed much actual work this past week, but I certainly am accumulating a lot of great material.

Peace – DEREK

(a few more pics…)


  1. Everyone just looks fabulous! Congratulations on the grandbabies! They are just beautiful! Hope you are loving NC!! Think of you often!! 😀


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