Four-Photo Monday

Great weekend all around! Too much, consequently, to write about. So I’ll pull an oldie-but-goodie and reprise the ever-popular “Four-Photo-Monday” standby.

 "Practical Christianity" - 1st meeting

“Practical Christianity” – 1st meeting

DISCIPLES: First, we kicked off my new discipleship class at church. This is one of three brand-new adult Sunday-school classes being offered at WFPC (There are currently seven to choose from). My goal is to bring “Sunday-school dropouts” together, and to develop a curriculum designed to move participants from seeing themselves as church members to living as disciples of Jesus.

We had a great beginning. The “take-away” for everyone was the following: “Let’s move forward in faith in such as way that we can’t help but invite others to join us. We want our journey as followers of Jesus to spill over into every aspect of our living.”

The other new classes were also both full and enthusiastic, and over 450 people joined together for worship. What a great church!

got my grands!
(photo by Naomi Campbell)

LOVE: Then, Sunday afternoon, Rebekah and I drove my parents to Richmond to visit with Naomi, Craig, David, and Beks. After our first year in Wake Forest I noticed my SUV has only been using one tank of gas each month. Guess what? That little statistic is going to change!

We enjoyed lots of great moments. But my favorite was how I am being greeted by the marvelous munchkins. For David, I’ve become “Grandaddy! Grandaddy! Grandaddy!” And – from Beks, it’s “Big broad grin” (until she learns a few more words). Regardless of how they say “hello,” I’m very happy!

B/DAY: Birthdays are always worth celebrating. Especially so when the birthday girl is turning 83 and has great-grandchildren close enough to visit.

Sous-chef for Naomi
Sous-chef for Naomi

So our daughter put on her “Chef Naomi” hat, and I worked as “sous-chef” for the party. It was a lot of fun following Naomi’s instructions in the kitchen. Dice this, chop that, roll out the other thing. She really is becoming a good cook.

For great-grandma Grace, seeing David and Beks so happy, and responding to David’s, “Let’s play, grandma Grace!” worked out fine as a most memorable birthday treat.

There’s always cake, and ice-cream, and candles; but having extended family close by is a luxury many great-grandparents simply don’t get to enjoy.

Grace, David, Beks, other David
Grace, David, Beks, other (original) David

And that sets up PHOTO # FOUR; “Great-grandparent-ness“. Most kids don’t get to cultivate a memory of their great-grandparents. Many families fail to remain intact; people move all over the country, and all over the world; people die before their greats are born; grandchildren, and also great-grandchildren, fail to do what it takes to stay connected.

So this kind of visit is a great blessing. I’m not only proud of our children, and our grand-children too, but I’m also so pleased that my parents are able to share in this great joy.

And that is exactly my word for all of you for today: “Share the joy!” Whatever joy is yours, do everything in your power to spread it around.

Peace – DEREK

(full set of pics)



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