“Come home…” Words of promise on a wintry day

Fall at Maul-Hall

I trust in you, O Lord;
I say, “You are my God.”
My times are in your hand. – Psalm 31:14-15

Today, after a couple of weeks of simply idyllic conditions, Wake Forest woke up to 34-degrees and what is known as a “wintry mix.” I have always wondered what exactly wintry mix meant; and this morning, walking Scout, I learned that it involves getting wet and bone-cold, but without the benefit of actual snow!

But I’m not complaining. “Wintry mix” made for an invigorating morning hike, and the fresh hot coffee was even more enjoyable when we returned home. It’s all part of the refreshing sense of change we’re continuing to experience here in our new home.

Some good news from Rebekah!
Some good news from Rebekah!

SET FREE! Today, for my devotional emphasis, I’m making a departure by recommending that you listen to a sermon podcast; actually, I’m suggesting two. This turns out to be the logical follow-up to yesterdays post – Living Water, and why “lifeless church” is a non-sequitur” – these podcasts offer a window into the spring of life that is bubbling up all over the place here at WFPC.

  • First, a couple of days ago, while walking Scout, I put on my earphones and re-listened to Rebekah’s message from this past Sunday. It was an “Oh my goodness!” experience. I feel it is some of the strongest, clearest, most inspirational preaching she’s ever done! Essentially, Rebekah shared the story of being set free from sin, and what it means to experience salvation. The recording is short, just 15 minutes, and you really don’t want to miss it. Click here: “Set Free”
  • I listened to the second message (October 26) on my Thursday evening walk. This one is a little longer, at 23 minutes, but completely engaging. Rebekah talks about what it means to be a faith community, and about the deliberate “practice” of following the Living Way of Jesus. Click here.

IMG_5993I’M PRAYING FOR YOU: There’s no way for me to know who exactly will be reading this post today. Between subscribed “followers” and additional “hits,” the reach is going to be somewhere around 1,500 people. But I do know that some of you are likely struggling to connect with the transformational truth of the Gospel of Love; and I know that the recordings I’ve linked in this post will tell the story of Jesus in a way that is both accessible and authentic.

It may be a wintry day here in the Piedmont of North Carolina, but God’s invitation is – always – “Come home; I love you; come in out of the cold.” It’s a call to simply allow his deep, personal, love to settle into your soul.

In love, and because of love – DEREK 

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