Merry Christmas, Everyone!

IMG_6678So Christmas morning dawns, quiet, contemplative, and full, the jubilant songs of praise from Christmas Eve echoing still, hearts full and spirits resonating with the hope, the peace, the joy, and the love that defined Advent.

Yesterday evening, for the first time in 33-years of ministry, Rebekah and I were involved in three services of worship. Each one was unique, and each experience was a beautiful re-telling of the story that never gets old.

IMG_6676In all, close to 1,000 people worshiped with us at WFPC, and we are overwhelmed with the spirit of joy and the eloquent testimony to reconciling love that this place is becoming.

At 4:00, the family service, I played guitar with my friend Tim for “The Needed Time,” a creative interpretation that included the children’s choir, blues (Now is the needed time), Mary singing an Elvis song to Jesus (Love me Tender), and some of the best storytelling I’ve ever heard.

7:00 we had the traditional “Lessons & Carols,” completely packing the CLC. Of course it wasn’t that traditional, as the music was a hybrid of the Praise Band and the Choir. God rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen, for example, was the Bare-Naked-Ladies version. Good stuff!

IMG_6683Later, after all the young families were snug in their beds, we did a quiet version of lessons and carols in the sanctuary, with communion too. What touched my heart was the number of young people who showed up, some not even associated with our church or any church at all.

Bottom line, God was present, the Gospel was proclaimed, and Рhere in Wake Forest РAdvent 2014 reached a profound and beautiful crescendo on the holiest of nights.

So, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all. Peace, love, and promise – DEREK


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