what to do with a great story?

birthday dinner at Winston's Grille
birthday dinner at Winston’s Grille

Typically my issue with this space is not so much “writer’s block” as “writer’s filter.” In other words, I have so much I want to share, but it’s a question of “how?” “how much,” “when,” and “where?”

  • “Is this story something for the new book… or can I use it for today’s post?”
  • “Should I save this idea for my Christian Voice column in Tampa?”
  • “I was thinking of running this in FOCUS magazine, but I’d love to share it with my blog readers too.”
  • “If I write up this thought for my AllProDad.com article then I can’t use it in today’s blog…”
  • “My Wake Forest Today deadline is in a couple of hours, so I guess I know where this story is going!”

Sometimes it crosses my mind that I should make my choice based on who is paying more! But then – wait a minute – I remember that I’m a FREE-lance writer, and this blog happens to be the epitome of gratis!

TEST-DRIVE: Truth be told, I test-drive a lot of ideas through this medium, musings that end up elsewhere later on. This space is a kind of experimental garden, where thoughts, questions, convictions, stories, and revelations are planted, watered, trimmed, and kicked around. Sometimes they end up little more than so much mulch, fertilizer that helps the next story grow, or germination for cross-pollination; other times these blog posts become seeds, roots, grafts, and even transplants.

Today I’d like to send you to my Wake Forest Today article at Reading Between the Lines. Wake Forest Today is our local on-line news magazine. For the editor/publisher WFT is the fruition of a dream she’s had to launch a cutting-edge publication. For me it’s my best opportunity to develop a long-term conversation with the people of this wonderful town.

This week’s column is titled, “Palm Sunday – what kingdom are you living in.” Please click on the link and give it a look; I believe you’ll be glad that you did.

Meanwhile, here are a handful of photos from my most excellent birthday #59 yesterday.

Peace to you all, and God’s rich blessings – DEREK



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