One more chapter in the good story #MothersDay

Storytime with Grandmama
Story-time with Grandmama

Just a short post today. We’re up to our eyeballs in grandchildren and there’s absolutely zero time available to write.

Rebekah’s big Mother’s Day surprise was a visit from Naomi, along with David and Beks. The main focus right now for the grandchildren is reading. And, better yet, Grandmama’s free-form storytelling.

Here’s the picture. It tells the story; it is the story. Rather, Rebekah tells the story; she is a gifted storyteller, and the grandchildren eat it up.

As you well know, story is a huge theme for us at the moment. Not just telling stories, but living them – living the greatest story ever told.

We are so privileged to be living the grandparent story… and just two hours down the road from Richmond and their home base.

Peace and blessings – with gratitude – DEREK

storytelling – they’re mesmerized¬†

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