WxWeb061515ASo I was thinking I could maybe dedicate today’s post to complaining about the fact that it’s so HOT HOT HOT here this week in Wake Forest (we’ve been dealing with temperatures around and above 100 degrees, and with very little relief in sight). But then I realized my Florida friends would probably come back with stuff like:

  • “You’re the one who is always going on about how amazing the weather is in North Carolina. Why don’t you come down to Florida where it’s only 97-degrees?”
  • and, “It’s so cool here in Tampa we’re still playing ICE-hockey” (well, until a couple of days ago anyway!).

The other part of this equation is the 2-story house phenomenon. Heat rises, and after lunchtime the upstairs temperature begins to inch up, a degree at a time, until I wonder if the AC unit is going to explode from a combination of overexertion and futility.

IMG_0718But, seriously – we have a cool downstairs, we have running water, we have an ice-maker in our refrigerator, and we have so many shade trees we seldom get direct sun on the house.

I think we’re well equipped to deal with “The Heat-Wave of 2015” for a few more days. Besides, it was only a couple of weeks back when we enjoyed a refreshing spell in the 60’s and 70’s. And, if it helps, in just three months it’s going to be the middle of September, fall will be in the air, and – other than still trying to pay off the summer electric bill – three-digit temperatures will be a distant memory.

The bottom line here is that we are blessed beyond measure; and the inconveniences – when they do come along – only serve to illustrate how remarkably comfortable my life is from day-to-day.

Wait a minute, I think I need to turn on the ceiling fan and pour another glass of ice-water – I’m roughing it here, you know.

Grateful and blessed – DEREK 

below: home sweet shady home…



  1. Well Derek, it’s only 93 in Plant City with beautiful blue skies and puff ball clouds. Of course, I am inside the air conditioned office right now. God does bestow upon us many daily blessings. “A joyful heart makes a cheerful face.” Proverbs 15:13


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