four random images – one great story of love and grace

Andrew walking Ponce
Andrew walking Ponce

Today is a “catch up on overdue writing for editors” day. That translates into a shorter blog post. So I’ll be going with my standby, “Four Photos” format. I think you’ll enjoy.

The images that captured my interest this morning all showed up in the past couple of days – Even the picture from Montreat, taken at a wedding several weeks ago, only popped up yesterday, when someone tagged me on Facebook.

PONCE: But I’ll start with the unlikely picture of our son, Andrew, walking his cat (above). I wrote more extensively about Ponce a couple of weeks back. If you missed the post, click here – The Machiavellian Tuscan farm cat begins to take over – it’s a fun read.

"Get off my counter!"
“Get off my counter!”

The short story is that a cat in transition might want to go outside, but has no bearings and could easily get lost. So Andrew walks him in his harness. Ponce is not happy with this arrangement. But he also was not happy this morning when we had a territorial dispute vis-a-vis the kitchen counter. The conversation went something like this:

  • Ponce: “I hate you. Get off my counter. I despise all humans. Die!”
  • Me: “Good morning, Ponce! It’s okay, I’m just eating my breakfast.”
  • Ponce (giving me the evil eye): “Hissssssss… yowl… (waves open claws in my direction) Go away! I own this entire kitchen! Did I mention that I want you to die? Hisssssss!”
  • Me: “Do you need an espresso or something?”

FRIENDS: The great foodie weekend (see, “Koinonia,breaking the bread of life…”) extended just a little more Sunday, when we launched Rebekah’s long overdue vacation by enjoying lunchtime food and conversation and John and Olivia LaMotte, at The Olive Garden. John was the organizing pastor for Wake Forest Presbyterian Church, back in its infancy in the early 90’s. The LaMottes put down such a solid, true foundation in Christ that the church survived the wild ride of its tumultuous adolescence, and is now confidently engaging the potential-packed future God has in store.

Dinner at Ted and Moffett's
Dinner at Ted and Moffett’s

Sunday evening we shared dinner with Ted and Moffett Churn. Moffett served WFPC as interim associate pastor from late 2012 through mid 2014, and Ted is Executive Presbyter for New Hope. Moffett’s faithful witness to God’s grace and love – and her deeply spiritual presence – were exactly what our church, and Rebekah, needed during the transition to a new senior pastor. For his part, Ted has become a true encourager and a great friend.

BLAST FROM THE PAST: The final picture was taken in Montreat several weeks ago, when we attended a wedding connected to our 1982-1996 sojourn in Pensacola (“Remain in my love; live in community; don’t blow it…”). Rebekah and I showed up expecting to reconnect with several friends, but then we were surprised and delighted to see Wendy and Dave Davies, who were both involved in the exciting ministry to young families we were involved with at Trinity Presbyterian Church, back when we were all… well… young!

This photograph (below) originated with the wedding photographer, and I love the story it tells.

Our lives are a series of stories, and we are privileged to experience them in the context of God’s great grace and love. The Greatest Story Ever Told is our story too, we just have to live into it.


Derek, Rebekah, Wendy, Dave (at Montreat)

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