“A grandchild in motion tends to stay in motion” – Newton’s (lesser known) first law of grand-parenting


“A grandchild in motion stays in motion, with the same speed and in the same direction, unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.”

IMG_2678So today, for the second day in a row, I have observed the truth of Newton’s (lesser known) “first law of grand-parenting.” It’s all about motion. In fact, the more motion the grandchildren practice during the waking hours, the more rest the grandparent will achieve during bed-time and naps.

In fact, it’s working right now – at least for a few minutes. I’m actually thinking of strapping a “step-counter” to one of them and seeing how long it takes the device to burn out.

I’m convinced David and Beks covered five miles today for my one at the park, and that doesn’t even count the bouncing while they were standing still. They simply love, love, love being alive, and interacting enthusiastically with God’s amazing world. When I think about it, who wouldn’t?

Yesterday I tried the “let’s play chase” idea at the mall; only they chased, I watched. The remarkable thing is how well David and Beks follow directions. “Stop.” “Wait right there.” “Come back.” “See how many times you can run to that sign and back before I can count to fifty.”

IMG_2654So today I upped the ante and gave them more space. Wake Forest has some marvelous parks; and, while Joyner Park may not have an official “playground” yet, who needs specialized equipment when there are grassy hills to run up and down, walkways to use as a racetrack, and walls to balance on?

At times today I felt like a nucleus, with protons and electrons buzzing around me at the speed of grandchildren. And that’s pretty fast.

IMG_2680My sequence of photographs today is titled, simply, “A grandchild in motion tends to stay in motion.” Enjoy.



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