theology from a labradoodle and inspiration from a butterfly

(Note – I’m not sure about my “Meme of the Week” experiment. This blog may not be the right place for them. An alternative is simply to post the pictures directly to Facebook, and maybe my Twitter account, then simply let this blog be a blog. Any thoughts?”)

Two Memes:


This week’s photo-messages feature a labradoodle named Scout, and a butterfly in the church garden. The photograph of Scout was taken on the front stoop, right after her visit to “The Dirty Dog Spa.” Scout, of course, could care less about how she looks, she just wants to be with her people, she wants to love and to be loved. There’s good theology in her point of view. Jesus pointed out that the only way the world is going to know that we belong to Jesus is if we love one-another with his kind of love.

That kind of commitment to the Good News has to transcend our political differences, our social disagreements, and our tragic need to be right all the time. Let’s face it, friends, none of us are right all the time – especially me. But it turns out we don’t need to be right, we just need to love one-another like Jesus.


This second image features a message about life. Not just any life, but the Jesus kind of life, living evidence that God’s promises are knitted into the DNA of creation. If you haven’t seen my post on our WFPC church garden, clock here – meeting God in the garden – and take a few moments to enjoy the photographs. It tells the story of new creation in compelling joy.

Don’t forget to go to worship today.

In love and because of love – DEREK


  1. I recently watched a news item on dog behaviors, including emphasis on an incredibly ‘literate’ border collie. Scientists studying dogs captured MRI images of dog brains as they interacted with favorite toys, food, and ‘their’ people, and described the brain activity and chemistry as a hug, when they look into our eyes. How often does our spirit shine through our eyes, like those of our dogs, that we too embrace those around us, and become salt and light to them?

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