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being interviewed by bookstore owner Sue Lucey

But Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his own country and in his own house.” – Matthew 13:57

Saturday afternoon I had the opportunity to do my first local book-signing here in Wake Forest, at Page 158 Books. A few weeks ago, apparently, someone came by the downtown store to see if they had any of my books on hand. So the owners contacted me, asked me to leave some copies with them, and invited me in for a book-signing event.

“Buy one of my books or not, it doesn’t matter,” I told a bunch of friends; “all I really want is for people to stop by. It would be awesome if the bookstore knew they could count on my name to draw a crowd.”

Not so much! Evidently it turns out my name is not sufficient to draw any kind of a crowd! So a special thanks to Bernie, Mandy, Heather, Jean, and Karen for being there for the “interview with the author” portion of the event.

Humility can be a useful teacher.

ENCOURAGED REGARDLESS: The sum effect of the “crash and burn,” however, was to leave me encouraged rather than making me want to give up. You see, the bookstore owner asked me some good questions, and then went on to point out that my point of view, the faith perspective that runs like a thread through all my writing, my understanding and presentation of Jesus, is unusual to the extent that she found it both refreshing and loaded with truth.

“This is wonderful writing” she exclaimed; “people need to be reading your work!”

And I needed to hear that – it really does help. But I’ve got to be honest – I also need enough people to begin buying books that my message will have a big enough platform from which to launch!

NO CONFUSION: I do understand that I’m not a writer in order to make lots of money, or to be famous – I’m clear about that. But at the same time I very much believe I have something worth saying, something important, and I won’t apologize for standing on whatever table I have handy to make my stump speech!

IMG_4638I also won’t apologize for making a sales pitch. Numbers attract attention, and I’d like to invite anyone who reads this blog to fill their shopping carts with my books, to give them as gifts to their friends, and to help me make my case for living like we mean it.

I believe this message is that important, and I really do want to tell all the world! – DEREK

Here’s my list at Amazon.

3 thoughts on “humbled but not discouraged

  1. Aaron V. Lopez says:


    I am very grateful for your work in furthering the kingdom. With your daily blog I feel as though you are a mentor to me. I greatly appreciate it! I placed all of your books on my amazon wishlist and will make sure to buy them soon in the future. Thank you for all that you do!

    Aaron V. Lopez


    1. derekmaul says:

      Thanks, Aaron, that’s a deeply meaningful testimonial to read. Christmas blessings to you and yours- Derek


      1. Aaron Lopez says:

        God bless you and Merry Christmas to you as well!


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