confirmation: day one of a new adventure with Jesus!


Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” – Mark 9:24

DSC_0373This morning’s post is essentially an invitation to look at some amazing photographs. At WFPC this weekend, both Sunday worship experiences were inspirational – but it was the presentation of this year’s confirmation class, at 11:15 in the sanctuary, that really touched my heart.

Thirty young people stood up to make a public commitment to follow Jesus. Four of them were baptized. The church was packed. The spirit of joyful community was so evident that it covered the day with a compellingly positive sense of joy and faithful love.

I think it’s fairly obvious why an event like this touches our hearts so deeply; it’s because the young people – fresh-faced, optimistic, enthusiastic, fearless – remind us of the raw, beautiful, indomitable power of the message of the Good News. There is a sense with these kids – on the verge of high school and then beyond – that anything is possible, and that there is so much to live for!

…the young people – fresh-faced, optimistic, enthusiastic, fearless – remind us of the raw, beautiful, indomitable power of the message of the Good News.


welcome! and sharing the word

Rebekah picked up on that idea in her message, not wasting the opportunity to speaking with so many people about the dynamic possibilities inherent in following Jesus. She shared inspirational thoughts from some of the young people’s faith statements, and preached on the father’s declaration in Mark 9:24: “I do believe, [Lord] help me overcome my unbelief!

“Confirmation is not the end of something,” she said; “Today is not ‘now I’ve checked that off my list, and it will look good on my résumé when I arrive at the Pearly Gates.’ Today is just the beginning of this Great Adventure of following Jesus!”

Just the beginning for all of us!



DISCIPLES: She went on to challenge each one of us in the congregation, at both services, to renew our commitment – optimistic, enthusiastic, indomitable, fearless – and to mark this day, this celebration of such promise, as the point from which we all move forward in faith.

Because by now more people should be tired of paddling around in shallow waters, peering in at Jesus from the edges of the crowd. Now is the time to become a disciple.


(WFPC members who want larger copies (more pixels) of any photo, just let me know)

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