so this happened… Emerald Isle, the food edition

IMG_4684One of the best things about staying in a house rather than a hotel is having a kitchen. This week we limited ourselves to one lunch and one dinner “out,” then I’ve been Rebekah’s personal chef for everything else.

We found a fresh seafood market near the Crab Shack, scored some tenderloin steaks while we were at it, and have feasted on grouper, tuna steak, crab-cakes, and shrimp.

Friday morning Rebekah read a two-page article in Our State magazine touting the culinary merits of the famous shrimpburger at a place called the Big Oak Drive-In. Turns out it’s only six minutes from our location, and a favorite for many of our friends at church; I’m here to say Big Oak didn’t disappoint. The banana pudding is definitely worth a shout out too.

IMG_4743I’ve already written about our anniversary dinner at the Crab Shack. What I didn’t mention was the, “That’s a first!” experience we had perusing the menu. Right under the main courses we read the heading “Senior Menu.” That’s right, the cut-off age was 60 and everything we wanted was included!

I seriously didn’t intend to spend a week at the beach and leave the island officially a “senior.” But twenty bucks off and no “early bird” seating hour limit did the trick. But don’t worry, I’m still the youngest 60-year-old you’ll ever meet, and I intend to enhance that status going forward.

My next post will be mostly beach. But enjoy the food – we certainly have!



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