I get by with a little help from my friends….

img_6295Ironically, the reason I couldn’t post in my blog today is the exact reason I really need to post today. The short story is that our Time Warner cable/computer/television connection was neatly cut in two by the wonderful people you will see in some of these photographs!

We have a driveway that was becoming increasingly dangerous. Rebekah and I finally decided to go ahead with a fix after the underside of cars started getting scraped, several people tripped on their way to our house, and a number of trick-or-treating children went down in the dark.


David, Beks, and Austin helping

The tree had to go first (see “Oaks of Righteousness“), then – Saturday – our good friend Larry got busy with busting up the broken driveway, removing roots, leveling, and pouring concrete. That’s where an amazing host of workers and volunteers got busy (guys from the “Fathers Who Aren’t in Heaven” Bible study, and the “Stumbling Disciples” Sunday school class ), sharing their hard labor, engaging their generous hearts, and accomplishing a remarkable job that took all day long and then some. Kudos to Larry, Brian, Matt, Baylee, Jason, Phil, Kevin, and unnamed others.

With Rebekah still in long-term recovery, it’s been easy to fall behind on a whole host of important tasks. The love and care shown to us by Wake Forest Presbyterian Church has been a huge source of healing. The way our church reaches out with grace and generous love speaks volumes about translating faith into discipleship.

So here are a few photos from the fun, and our heartfelt thanks for everyone involved. Rebekah and I are blessed beyond measure, with a church home that does so much more than show up for worship – these folk actually follow Jesus in the way that they live faith out loud.

In love, and because of love – DEREK

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  1. Looks like a good job. Is the little guy in the blue shirt your grandson?

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