I know that my redeemer lives!

img_6352 One of the hardest things for Rebekah in this “recovery mode” is not being able to go to church. But she was excited when I came home full with reports of such wonderful worship, and the overwhelming sense of God’s presence that permeated both the contemporary and the traditional services.

Lots of members were received, both at 9:00 and 11:00; a teenager was baptized, and her mother reconfirmed her faith alongside her. It’s always good to see new families joining our faith community. But I was especially touched when the man sitting directly in front of me said, “Yes!” pumping his first with unrestrained enthusiasm, when his family was called to the front. Then, not nearly through, he walked back to his seat holding up his new name tag, pointing at it with a broad grin!

But the new WFPC member is one hundred percent correct; because making a public commitment to follow Jesus is always a wonderful moment, and I am thankful he was willing to share it with the rest of us.

Then, after the message – a deeply thoughtful sermon from Bob Beichner – I had the opportunity to share some music. I sang Steven Curtis Chapman’s My Redeemer is Faithful and True. This is how – best of my recollection – I introduced the song:

For Rebekah and for me, over our life together, this song has become a kind of anthem. Life can be smooth, sometimes it can be rough going, and over the past couple of months it’s been very difficult. But the thread of consistency – always – has been the faithfulness of God’s love. We have sung this song together many times, and I wish Rebekah was here to sing with me today. I asked her if I should share with you that she is cautiously optimistic, going forward. But she said, “I’ve never been cautious about anything.”


Fall at WFPC

In other words, “I don’t do life halfway – and life is faith.” I am always inspired by my wife’s commitment to living like she means it.

If you’d like to hear Bob’s excellent message, and then listen to my song right after the sermon (with amazing bass and vocals from Hans) then click on this live-stream link – Sunday November 20th at WFPC.

My redeemer – our redeemer – really is faithful and true. It’s a testimony that grows in significance and that is reinforced every day!

“But as for me, I know that my Redeemer lives,
    and he will stand upon the earth at last.” – Job 19:25

In that assurance – DEREK


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