Rooted, Growing, Reaching…

One of the things I’m enjoying most about this “Ten Summer Sundays” series at our church is the variety of creative worship experiences. Every week a different theme, but always growing out of our core mission statement: “Rooted in Christ; Growing together in Faith; Reaching out to others.”

July 2, Rebekah preached an amazing sermon on freedom; the next week Jesus stopped by to share his Sermon on the Mount; this week we have another guest preacher, focusing on hunger ministries; next week the Cuba team will share stories from their mission trip.

Everything we do as a body comes out of worship; and everything we are involved with leads back into worship.

Church here isn’t about keeping an institution running, it’s about gathering together to share our faith in God; celebrating Jesus in our worship and our study together; and then returning to our daily lives nourished, inspired, equipped, and full with God’s Spirit, to bring light, and love, and peace, and hope, and grace into this world.

It’s a simple equation, but such a powerful way to be and to live.

It’s another Sunday morning, I can’t wait to gather with the Body of Christ at WFPC!


Chrome Legacy Window 7152017 94908 PM
last Sunday morning in worship at WFPC

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