Derek guests on the #1-rated podcast for Christian men!


talking on Real Men Connect

This morning I’d like to promote the #1 rated Christian men’s Podcast RealMenConnect. I’d recommend the entire site – – regardless, but today’s HUGE reason is the fact that yours truly happens to be this week’s podcast guest.

That’s right, one hour of Dr. Joe Martin interviewing Derek Maul. I just got through listening to the episode, and I’m relieved to tell you it’s actually pretty good!

The subject area is patience, and we enjoyed a lively, deep, meaningful, conversation around both spiritual principles and practical steps we can take as followers of Jesus.

So, please take a moment to do the following:

  1. Listen to the podcast – I know you will be blessed.
  2. Share the podcast with others.
  3. Go to iTunes and rate the podcast.
  4. Consider signing up as a regular listener to Dr. Joe Martin’s Real Men Connect.

I’ll leave you with one direct quote from our conversation –

“As Christian men we love to put on The Whole Armor of God – and strut around in it sometimes – but we’re so-so when it comes to the Fruit of the Spirit.”

Here’s the link again – Practicing Patience. Happy listening, and I’m praying for each one of you as we continue to move forward in faith – DEREK

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