Good soil and good cars – a restored 1965 MG 1600 and ministry

“‘Should we pull out the weeds?’ they asked. “‘No,’ he replied, ‘you’ll uproot the wheat if you do. Let both grow together until the harvest.” – Matthew 13:28-29

Yes, I’ll admit to using the photo of Rebekah and the MG as “click-bait”! But seriously, who doesn’t fall for the combination of a beautiful woman and a classic car? The story – and other photos – will be one of many directions today’s post is taking. Read on for more.

Fact is, there is so very much to write about today. But I’ll try to avoid multiple posts and – instead – offer a series of short bulletins with some exceptionally cool photographs.

GRATEFUL: First, I’m deeply thankful our old community of Brandon and Tampa fared as well as they did in yesterday’s hurricane. All indications were pointing toward devastation. Instead, Irma inflicted much less damage than we had feared.

1-IMG_1920-001JOYFUL: Then, Sunday morning marked our return to the fall schedule at WFPC. Back to two worship services, and a full house to start the day at 9:00. Then the CLC overflowed with enthusiastic disciples hooking up with their teachers and leaders for the new “Sunday School” education year.

Rebekah preached a sermon titled, “Don’t just do something, stand there!” She pointed to the tendency we have to practice frenetic levels of activity instead of allowing God’s spirit to point us toward tending the good soil, and encouraging the “wheat” to grow rather than being distracted by the “weeds.”

1-IMG_1933NOURISHED: Sunday evening we enjoyed a relaxing and inspirational evening over a long, conversational, dinner with friends from church. It is always encouraging to be around people who love one another, love the church, and share stories of grace, and humor, and wisdom, and joy.

We came away nourished by much more than the great food. Our souls were nourished too, and that’s the best gift of all.

RESTORED: One of the couples, Harold and Vickie, showed us the spectacular car they have lovingly restored together. It’s a 1965 MG 1600, and the car is a perfect illustration for restoration, renewal, rehabilitation, resurrection, renovation, refreshment, and all those other “r” words that come into play when we do the kind of work God invites us to do as a church.


Harold showing off his car

Harold and Vickie didn’t invest three years pointing their fingers at cars that were rusty and broken down; they didn’t stand on the street corner judging 1975 Ford Pintos, 2002 Chevy Cavaliers, or other disappointing vehicles; and they didn’t get into arguments to prove that people who paint cars with non-traditional colors should be shamed into changing their ways.

No. Instead, they lovingly, and carefully, and purposefully tended the good soil of their classic until it became something beautiful, and full with new life.

Maybe that’s why Rebekah fell in love with the MG? Maybe it called to her because it represents exactly what she is interested in when it comes to ministry?

Because we’re always going to have weeds, and we’re always going to have distractions that invite us to lose focus. So the question becomes, “Are we willing to do what is necessary to encourage the good soil, to invest ourselves in the Good News, and to let “The Lord of the Harvest” take care of the rest…?

Enjoy the rest of the photos – DEREK




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