if I could only harness some of their energy…

1-IMG_2087Friday afternoon I had the joy of meeting our grandson, David, when he got off the bus home after school. His parents were out of town for an overnight date and Rebekah and I took both grands back to Wake Forest. I don’t think I’ll ever forget his joy at seeing me and proudly telling his bus driver who I was!

We had a great visit; but I don’t think I’ve ever felt before how profoundly in my 60’s I am now. David and Beks are delightful, respectful, fun, and well-behaved – but they are exhausting.

Of course it’s the good version of exhausting. Rebekah and I feel deeply grateful that they are within range. Two and a half hours to Richmond (if there’s no horrible road-work on I-85) keeps them accessible. And to have the entire Campbell family here for events like my mum’s 86th birthday, that is priceless.


But that energy? Wow! If I could possibly borrow even a fraction of their sense of dauntless enthusiasm. Look out, world!

Here’s a “keeper” moment from the mall, where they ran and ran and ran:

“David,” I said. “What’s that hanging there?”

“It’s the Grand Old Flag,” he said, seriously. “I just love our flag,” Grandaddy,”


Grateful, and tired – DEREK


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