run, play, laugh, love, engage


This afternoon I’m piggy-backing on yesterday’s post featuring the grandchildren (there they go, racing each other around the Triangle Mall in North Raleigh).

Then – tomorrow – I’m going to have to write about the surprising clarity with which I saw God at church this morning. What a beautiful community WFPC is, and what a rich, God-soaked environment!

I’m not sure, maybe my grandchildren are just like any four-year-old and six-year-old you might run into at the Mall, or on the playground. But who am I kidding! I don’t think so! It’s like God has taken Beks and David, kissed them with joy, and poured liquid light into them. The light emanates from every pour as they run and play with such natural ebullience.


They run, play, laugh, love, and engage the world around them with such unfiltered enthusiasm. It’s inspirational, really. What more could a grandaddy ask for… except maybe a little more energy?

So here are just a few more photos. Yes, they may have worn me out completely. But I am still beyond grateful as I watch their lives unfold, two walking definitions of hope and promise.



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