putting light into the hands of children!


Your word is a lamp before my feet
    and a light for my journey. – Psalm 119:105

1-DSC_0229There are many “special occasions” we enjoy at church, and last week’s Youth Sunday was a great example. But one of our favorites – certainly Rebekah’s – is more low-key than the crowds surrounding the more high-profile events. It’s the Sunday our “prep-for-worship” kids, traditionally 3rd-graders, graduate from their 12-week class (with Melodee and Carlin Fraser) and the pastor presents them with a Bible.

Rebekah describes it as, “Placing the word of God into the hands of children who are excited about their faith and eager to learn more.”

I’ve seen this done many ways, everything from the quick hand-off from a preacher who doesn’t even make eye-contact with the child, to Rebekah’s custom of talking to each third-grader like they are the only and most important reason she is at church that day.

Joy and Light!

So I thought a few photographs would be in order. What I was looking to do was to capture the sense of joy and expectation surrounding God’s good word.

If you want to read a word about the word that is amazingly powerful, then I’d suggest turning to Psalm 119 and treating yourself to all 176 verses. It’s the longest chapter in the Bible, but it comprises so much profound and deeply inspirational commentary on scripture.

1-DSC_0245“I shall walk at liberty,” the psalmist writes, for I have sought your precepts” (verse 45). Because the teaching of the scriptures introduced me to Jesus, I paraphrase, I know the freedom of one who lives according to the rule of love.

So enjoy these images of WFPC children getting their hands on The Good Book, the Bible. The Bible is the narrative account of the constantly evolving relationship between God and God’s people.

Then – and maybe as you pause at each picture – take a moment to pray for all the children you know, and ask God how God wants you to personally respond to the challenge to introduce them to light, love, grace, mercy, and promise.

Peace, and more – DEREK



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