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Preaching “The Top 10” (and why it is really more like 200)

Your word, Lord, is eternal;    it stands firm in the heavens.Your faithfulness continues through all generations;    you established the earth, and it endures.Your laws endure to this day,    for all things serve you. – Psalm 119:89-91 In the churches where we have served, it has always been a bit of a joke to talk about Rebekah’s favorite scriptures. “This one,” she…

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On Curling Up With a Good Book

The unfolding of your words gives light;     it imparts understanding to minds of ordinary people. With open mouth I pant,     because I long for your commandments. – Psalm 119 Typically, first thing in the morning, I have a sense of where my writing should be going. My work usually emerges from a combination of where…

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So, how’s your walk?

Your word is a lamp before my feet     and a light for my journey. – Psalm 119:105 One of the questions that constantly comes up when I talk about faith is, “How do I transition from someone who checks in with God once in a while, to a disciple who quite literally walks with Jesus?” It’s a…

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