Looking into today through the correct lens

– earlier this summer: eyes wide open for God’s glory and goodness

Be good to your servant while I live,
    that I may obey your word.
 Open my eyes that I may see
    wonderful things in your law.

Psalm 119:17-18
– trying to keep my eyes open

Frequent flyers in this space will know I usually post every day. Sometimes six times a week, but usually seven. “Even,” the critics may well add, “when he has nothing to say.”

Fair enough. But this morning I’m thinking about that. Because it’s one of those days where I get up, put the coffee on, take Max for a walk, bring Rebekah a mug of coffee as our “good morning!” together, start putting together some breakfast, pull out my laptop, and… nothing….

I am reminded of the preacher friend I know (who shall remain anonymous) who stood up in the pulpit one Sunday morning and said, “God has not given me a message today. So let’s sing another hymn, take the offering, and go home.”

To which a couple of the elders responded, when they stopped by his office for a serious conversation the next day, “God does not withhold his word. The truth of it is that you didn’t put the work in.”

So there’s that.

The big difference between me and the preacher is that this blog is a window into my devotional life, and if this space is running dry this morning it’s not a work hard thing so much as evidence that I am in need of more personal time with Jesus.

It’s a lot like the recurring conversation I had with my men’s groups, and my Sunday school class, just about every week when it was time to share a “God moment” from the previous few days. “What do you mean you’re drawing a blank?” I’d say. “If we wake up every morning with the anticipation, the expectation, and the intention of seeing God’s hand at work in us, in the people around us, and in the world we live in, then we would all have several encounters with the Holy to chose from.”

– Heading into worship together…

Like the woman in our Kaleidoscope Sunday morning class in Pensacola: she carried around a journal with the title, written on the cover in bold expectant letters, “MIRACLES I HAVE RECEIVED.” She was looking into her world through the correct lens.

I like that as our “word” for the day, this beautiful Sunday morning: Let’s all “Look into our world through the correct lens.” – DEREK

One comment

  1. Derek, you got this. A reminder that Sunday is a day of rest for all of us. I hope it is ok to quote another website – As Christianity.com says “Be still and know that I am God,” the first half of Psalms 46:10, is a popular verse used to encourage believers to be still and silent before the Lord. This interpretation promotes a healthy rest in the presence of the Lord.

    Joel Ryan


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