A photo-review of August – a beautiful and eventful month!

Today is the last day of August – this has been a rich and interesting month: Grandkids, ordinations, travel, mountains, rain, exploring North Carolina, gourmet restaurants, new friends, reconnecting with old friends, and then a series of WFPC’s wonderful “10 Summer Sundays” experiences.

I already posted earlier today – and if you haven’t read “In search of a teachable spirit” then I recommend it – but I want to close out the month with the following photo retrospective, featuring one image for each day. It’s going to be hard, but you can always go back and see the full set for any given day (for example, there is more than one can’t-miss photograph inĀ images from the Appalachian Mountains).

So here we go. Thirty-one days in August and thirty-one photographs that tell the story of the month.

Life is a series of recordable moments – all beautiful in their own way – I am already looking forward to the people and places I will be viewing through my lens during the coming month.

Regardless of your photography skills, I wish you a most spectacular September – DEREK


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