nature photography

learning to listen with our eyes!

Probably the most important part of the writing equation is listening. Not just listening to people, but listening to life as it happens all around me; listening and paying attention; reading between the lines; just having my eyes open enough to let the light in.

praise and gratitude as a backdrop for living

Today my thoughts, meditations, and prayers are turned toward gratitude. I am genuinely thankful for the day to day life we experience here in Wake Forest. Rebekah and I are challenged but fulfilled in our work, we have completely fallen in love with our church family…

the birds of Wake Forest

It’s a cold, “wintery-mix” Monday morning here in Wake Forest. Rebekah and I have been drinking hot tea and looking out of the big bay window in the kitchen, enjoying the beautiful array of birds visiting our feeder. She’s been using… Read More ›