a few bird photos to enjoy

fly-by of Mr. Hawk!

As previously indicated, I plan on sharing a devotional post most mornings (Coffee and a Verse of Scripture) and then an additional, more topical, column a few times each week.

Yesterday evening, heading off to church, a motion caught my eye and I was excited to see an enormous hawk fly through the trees in the front garden at around ten feet off the ground. He passed directly in front of me and his imposing beauty took my breath away.

I ran back into the house for my Nikon and was glad to see that he had stayed around. Our usual family of hawks failed to show up this summer, so I am hoping this guy will at least take a few weeks to visit with us before moving on.

DSC_0021I grabbed a few more shots of some of the other birds, but Mr. Hawk is definitely the main event.

In fact, if Mr. Hawk does decide to stay I will take a break from putting out seed for the songbirds. It would be like inviting them to a buffet where they were not so much guests but the featured dish! I’d much sooner our hawk worked on thinning out the squirrel population instead.

I’m not sure why it is that birds reach into my soul so deeply. But they do. More evidence, I guess, of the exquisite imagination and joy so liberally applied by God in how this world was conceived then created. This place is literally teeming with life! And all of it, if we pay close attention, points to creativity and love.

So enjoy these few images. Click on one then follow the slides.

Peace and more peace – DEREK


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