Goodness multiplied #FivePhotoFriday

I always enjoy “Five-Photo-Friday.” It gives me an excuse to scroll back through the week and see what I previously haven’t had the opportunity to share. Besides, it has been such a heavy news week that it will be refreshing to talk about these simple joys. Good friends, great food, memories, beauty, and love.

#1 – Good Memories (Passport to the World):

1-IMG_3263I needed to go through some old documents this week, pulling information from my birth certificate, our marriage license, and my old British passport. “Holder has the right of abode in the United Kingdom” it reads, along with some stuff about “you’d better treat Derek nicely or the Queen is going to send a gunship and a regiment of redcoats with tall furry hats to teach you a lesson..”. Or something along those lines.

The last British passport I had was issued June 30 1982, just ten days after our son, Andrew, was born. February 15 1985 I became an American citizen and I have travelled on my U.S. passport ever since. It’s interesting to think about the impact of some of the decisions made so many years ago.

I don’t care what the strident voices of the nationalists say (and it is a growing movement worldwide), we are children of God first, citizens of this world, brothers and sisters all.

#2 – Good Friends:

1-IMG_3217Rebekah and I enjoyed the privilege of sharing dinner with a variety of people this past week. From spectacular soup and amazing bread with Janet and Scot, to crab and salmon with Leslie and Scott, to Mandy’s delectable church supper in a crowded CLC at church.

What all of the above have in common is great conversation and a shared commitment to grow together as disciples of Jesus. We do not limit deep matters of faith to formal classes or official “counseling” sessions. God is in our hearts and minds, on our lips, and working through our actions moment by moment, day by day. It is only natural to share our joys, our sorrows, our questions, and our encouragement when we break bread together too.

#3 – Good Humor:

1-IMG_3211My friend Janet shares the love Rebekah and I have for great coffee. I often joke that coffee is my only serious vice. Or, more accurately, the only vice I take seriously. It’s quite possible that I would not – could not – be a professional communicator if it were not for good coffee, and nobody questions the fact that coffee is a critically important prop for Rebekah when it comes to writing and preaching!

Regardless, I had to take a photograph of the sign propped up in the window of Janet and Scot’s kitchen.

I know it’s a whole column and I have written it before, but I cannot mention coffee without reminding everyone that “Fairly Traded” coffee is an option we can all choose and that will make a significant difference in the world if enough consumers take the initiative seriously. Do some research, click on this link, and do your part!

#4 – Good Love:

1-IMG_3267We all know I am a bit of a foodie. Sometimes I even cook like one but – true confession time here – I haven’t nearly been keeping up with my commitment to putting fine cuisine on our table of late.

So I was not only touched but challenged when Leslie and Scott gave me this scrumptious copy of Vivian Howard’s “Deep Run Roots” cookbook.

You may remember my post about our wonderful visit to the Chef & the Farmer, Howard’s groundbreaking restaurant in Kinston last year. Well now I have the stories, the recipes, and a renewed motivation to up my game and immerse myself in some North Carolina foodie roots.

#5 – Good Grief!

The fifth photo is the gumbo I made Thursday evening to get the ball rolling, and I’m already wondering how much exercise I’m going to have to add to counter all the goodness. Small. Price. To. Pay.

Peace and more peace, always – DEREK 



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