growing feathers and learning to fly…


Brothers and sisters, I couldn’t talk to you like spiritual people but like unspiritual people, like babies in Christ. I gave you milk to drink instead of solid food, because you weren’t up to it yet. Now you are still not up to it because you are still unspiritual… 1 Corinthians 3:1-3

First: Yes, I will add “Part 3” to the My American Story series soon. But for today, since these posts have been heavy with words of late, here are some photographs to enjoy.

Life has been busy, too busy, so I haven’t had much of an opportunity to get the Nikon out and watch for birds and other wildlife. But the camera does sit on the kitchen counter, so every once in a while I’ll be cooking, or cleaning, or fixing a beverage and some movement will catch my eye and then – if I am fortunate – I can snag something worth sharing.

The following photos are from the past few days and represent just a glimpse of why I love living in a house surrounded by so many trees.


You will notice – and this female cardinal is a prime example – that most of the birds I photographed this week are very young. Downy, distinctive characteristics nowhere near completely formed, desperately in need of a comb through the feathers…

A lot like my spiritual self!

… A lot like us as spiritual beings, come to think. Oh I may well be middle-aged (and beyond) as a human male advancing in years, but in my spiritual self sometimes I can barely walk, let alone fly.

The good news is that, in the long run, my spiritual self is going to be all I really need, going forward. I won’t be able to take this body with me after I die, and my brainwave consciousness is going to have a limited lifespan too. But my soul, the self that is still exploring my relationship with God, the child of God who has been claimed and redeemed and justified because Jesus invited me home, the core of my being, “created in the image of God”, that has such untapped potential and a future unimagined and unimaginable.

So I guess I need to grow some more feathers and at least learn how to fly. Just a spiritual baby after all these years…

Scroll through these images – I know they will make you smile.

In love, and because of love – DEREK


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