“Love is Real” and other images #5PhotoFriday


This week I have to anchor “5-Photo-Friday” with this amazing image from the Presbytery meeting Tuesday over in Durham. If you look closely you can see the joy, multiplied all over the place. This is what Christian unity looks like.

Oh, I can guarantee you could find fifteen maybe twenty opposing political viewpoints just in this photograph. But agreeing on politics is not what invited these people there to share the bread and the wine, it was their love for Jesus. This is a love feast, this is communion, this is the table of the Lord. Jesus was quite clear regarding two very important ideas. 1) That everyone is welcome at his table. 2) That the world will know how genuine that welcome is going to be when they see how Christians love one another.

#2: Love. Is. Real.

1-IMG_5537Talking of love. Would you look at these two! It’s Naomi (our daughter) and her daughter, Beks.

Life may not always be easy, and being a young family can provide a lot of challenges, but then there is this. Children are phenomenal gifts and families are beautiful, messy, overwhelming, rewarding, difficult, impossible, frustrating, affirming, life-saturated, ongoing-contradictions of applied and experienced love.

Just a moment, an instant captured, a fragment of truth that represents so much. Love. Is. Real.

#3 – Eating Potatoes out of the Pot:

1-IMG_5534So back to the visiting niece scenario we talked about in yesterday’s post. This is the part where Aunt Rebekah teaches the finer points of eating mashed potatoes directly from the pot.

Yes, we may work hard with the grandchildren when they visit, making the case for etiquette – or, as we put it – “Kids, we have to practice being boring adults so you know what to do when the time comes.”

But this is “Niece Week” and we all know there is no etiquette for that!

#4 – Good Food and Fresh:

1-IMG_5544Sticking with the subject of food. I have not taken many photographs but I have to say the eating has been good at Maul Hall of late.

This particular dish featured pork tenderloin, saffron risotto with celery, corn directly from my friend Larry’s field, sliced tomato from the same source, and a very nice Italian Pinot Grigio.

Simple, delicious, fairly easy. We will be traveling to Europe soon so expect some more food photos before too long. Maybe we should call it Five Featured Food Photos Friday…? 🙂

#5 – Designated State Natural Area:


It may be summer and it may be hot but our neighborhood certainly looks pretty dressed up in all its leaves.

I especially enjoy the walkway from our home to my parents’ next door. But don’t look too closely because you may see some poison ivy and a few other weeds that also benefit from the sun and the rain.

I wouldn’t say the garden is out of control but it certainly leans toward the “Designated State Natural Area” designation.

The alternative is the “denuded of all trees and most plantlife” look that seems to be de rigueur for developers today. Oh, please! I will take our wild, shady, slightly overgrown look any day.

So there we have it: another Five Photo Friday in the books. Enjoy, and have an amazing weekend – DEREK


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