two footnotes to a good week


So what do you think? Do you see the family resemblance?

Dad may have turned 91, but as a percentage of his age I am catching up fast. Maybe his longevity can be attributed to all that good British food he was surrounded by today.

Hobnobs, Piccalilli, Lemon Curd, Heinz Salad Cream, Kippers, Anchovy Paste, Malted Milk, Maltesers, After Eight Mints, Blackberry Preserves, Rountrees Fruit Pastilles. It was a veritable cornucopia of Englishness.

Then my mother made some scones to go with the English clotted cream I conjured up and – with the help of some butter and strawberry jam (along with a custard pie) – dad was the recipient of an English cream tea.

Maybe lets not tell his cardiologist?

Footnote Number Two:


Our niece Sarah has flown back to Florida after a good eight days here at Maul-Hall. She and Rebekah didn’t exactly finish the dining room table project but they did make some great progress.

At 16, Sarah is the youngest of the ten Alexander cousins from Rebekah and her siblings; there are two sets of five. First Rachel (Tom) and Rebekah (Derek) had Reed, Andrew, Micah, Naomi, and Faith – now all in their 30’s; then – after a pause – Jesse (Heather) and Joe (Cheryl) produced Jordan, Lindsay, Seth, Jared, and Sarah – ranging from 24 to16.

The last time they all appeared at the same time was six years ago at our son Andrew’s wedding. So we will take them when we can get them. It was a real treat to have Sarah around.

Of course the latest addition to the family – courtesy of Andrew and Alicia – will start life in Dresden, Germany, so the next generation of cousins are going to have to try extra hard to stay connected.

But that is what we do, and that is why we were created. We are here to not just experience community but to create it – relationship with God and also with one another.

There’s a little summer left. So get out there and enjoy your family!



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