a “prayer of illumination”


This morning I have the privilege – and responsibility – of “preaching” at Ebenezer Presbyterian Church in the town of Coats. I hate to miss being with the beautiful people of WFPC but I am always excited and motivated when I get the opportunity to talk with and encourage folk in other faith communities.

I will share more about this morning probably in tomorrow’s post, but for now I’d like to share the “Prayer of illumination” I will give before reading the scripture. I really like it and I believe it is a good prayer for every one of us to have on our lips as we go to worship today.

Almighty God, we often dive into your word without first preparing our hearts. We read or listen to scripture and we miss the tone of your voice, the gravity of the words, and the intention of The Holy Spirit to draw us in. Here in this moment – here in this sacred space – be very present. Like the man who waited all his life by the pool and finally met Jesus, we ask you to trouble the waters. Amen

So read this again and then – even if you had not planned to – grab your car keys and head over to your place of worship.

The day the percentage of people participating in worship together, and practicing Christian community, tips back over 50% is the day America begins to move on from this current malaise and back toward sanity, and compassion, and credibility, and unity, and strength.

I really believe that. Peace and more peace – DEREK





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