Thank you, Dresden, for loving our children


I believe it is universal that parents are viscerally connected to their children’s wellbeing. We need to not only know but experience their life, where they live, and who their friends are.

Coming to Dresden and getting a taste of the beauty and rich culture of this lovely city on the Elbe, then, has been not only fun but cathartic. Meeting some of Andrew and Alicia’s friends for dinner Friday evening was downright good for the soul.

Just a couple of hundred yards into the central park (Großer Garten) through the trees and overlooking a beautiful lake, nine of us gathered around  a courtyard table at the Carolaschlösschen restaurant to break bread together in the most essential understanding of the concept.

IMG_0559Andrew and Alicia’s great friends Jurgen and Derek, Derek’s parents – Harry and Catherine, another good friend – Hayden, along with the four of us. The food was very good but it was the atmosphere – a long dinner party in the open air – that was truly exceptional.

To keep this post short I will simply repeat what I said at the end of the evening. Rebekah had been talking about how important it is for us to meet people who are invested in and care about our children. She told the story of a similar occasion in Italy, five years ago.

“All of which is to say,” I interjected at the end, “thank you so much – everybody – for loving our children.”

And that’s it. Thank you, Dresden. Thank you for loving our children.

The pictures are – in order – The apartment, on the tram, continual reconstruction on Dresden, on top of the historic (rebuilt) Frauenkirche, the Großer Garten (park), dinner, and foodie pics…


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