when light and love collide and God smiles…


“Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing to you, Lord, my rock and my redeemer.” – Psalm 19:14 (CEB)

  • IMG_6811
    Birthday boy this morning!

    “May my words and thoughts please you. Lord, you are my Rockā€”the one who rescues me.” (ERV)

In the world of “I can’t believe this!” moments this one is a biggie. The first of our three grandchildren – David – turns eight-years-old today!

We talked briefly this morning just before he got on the school bus. David is very excited. Yesterday evening before bed Naomi recorded this gem of an observation: “MOMMY. Did you know that TODAY is the last day of my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE that I will be SEVEN?!? Did you know that?!?!?”

We can’t miss it, David! As life goes, yours is a juggernaut! Just seven years ago I was fifty-six times your age; now I’m less than eight-times-eight.

Good grief he is catching up fast.

May our words and thoughts please God:

at National Zoo Monday

So I absolutely love today’s Bible Gateway verse of the day selection. “May my words and thoughts please you Lord.” Oh how we pray that our grandson – all of our grandchildren – learn to invite the beauty of the presence of God into every part of who they are, that they choose, daily, to walk with Jesus.

Their grandmama, Rebekah, was just eight years old when she distinctly understood that God was calling her into ministry. I know she was (and is) prodigious, but whatever plans God has in store for David, there is no doubt that they include the presence of Jesus as friend and guide.

Light and Promise Always Win!

the family on The Mall (Craig, Beks, David, Naomi)

Eight years ago, at the same time David was pushing his way out into this world, a dear friend from our church in Brandon was leaving. Because of that juxtaposition I am very much aware of the balance of life and of the power of even a small ray of light.

Well I have to say the spark that was the beginnings of new life in 2011 has become a flood of light and energy that spills out and over to bring life and joy and promise and grace with unlimited potential to heal.

There is a deep need for hope and love and grace and mercy in this world. Our grandson David is one of the reasons we believe that God is constantly in the business of healing, and that our children – and grandchildren – are on the front lines of these vitally important initiatives of light and promise.

Happy Birthday sweet boy! Your Granddaddy Derek!

These light and love saturated photos were all taken by our daughter, Naomi, over the past couple of days:

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