And they’re off: our grandchildren hit the road for Miami

5:30 this morning

And, they’re off.

I will be posting two times today. I have a photo-rich travel piece from Monday’s adventure with the grandkids, but I’ll wait to share that because right now I need to pen a few words about the can’t avoid fact that they are gone.

That’s right, our alarms went off at 4:58 this morning, the coffee kicked on at 4:59, and – miraculously – everything fit into their two little cars and the Campbell family were on the road by 5:40. Estimated time of arrival in Miami around 8:00 pm this evening.

Naomi’s license plate, a creative gift from Craig when they moved to Virginia, tells the story. Florida, then Connecticut, then Virginia. They’re going to need another couple of letters – FL – now to bring it full circle.

IMG_8827_LI (2)Naomi and Craig are both overwhelmed and excited. The children are excited. The dog is excited. The cat (being a cat) is just ticked off.

Rebekah and I, though, are this hard to describe mixture of sad and hopeful, in grief but also grateful for the promise that any new adventure can bring to a family. The best gift parents can give their children is to be faithful and committed and to love each other fiercely, and the best thing a family can do for their new community is to bring that kind of light and promise with them.

“Goodbye Grandmamma” Photo credit Naomi Campbell

So travel safely, Campbell family, and may the rich texture of God’s love wrap itself around all four of you, with unconditional goodness and with the motivation to live a unmistakably God-saturated response to how much and how deeply you are loved.

We believe in you; but we believe even more in the good news; so live it, and let gospel light shine in your home and through you all, every day.

In love, and because of love – DEREK

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