Monday reflection: the call to love with abandon

“The seed is getting all over the place!”


Everyone loves “the Parable of the Sower”. Is it about the soil? Is it about what kind of ground you are? Is it about the sower? Is it about the seed? I’ve even heard people bring in climate, asking, ”Is this the right season to sow?”

Then there is “who are we in the story?” “Are we sowing?” “Are we seeds?” “Is God the sower?” “Are we stony ground?” “Are we the weeds?”

I know, before you get all excited and remind me to keep reading the text (Matthew 13), I already know that this was one of those parables that Jesus himself took the time to explain.

This is why I really enjoyed Rebekah’s take on the story in her sermon Sunday morning. She simply pointed to the fact of the liberality of the actions of the sower. See goes everywhere, without regard to any condition other than the generosity and the unrestrained invitation of Jesus to be blessed with an abundance of seed, of opportunity, of what I would call overflow.

“It seems,” she said, “that the more seed Jesus generously throws around the more he has.”

b4556dc0603e3c43c60636d5ddbfa705The point of the story is the largesse of the sower. The lesson for us to likewise be full to overflowing with the love of God and unrestrained by any restrictions or prejudice or anything that might possibly hold us back. No scarcity mentality for the Lord, for the church, for the Christian…

We love and serve a generous God. We too are called to sow with abandon – DEREK

2 thoughts on “Monday reflection: the call to love with abandon

  1. karenrjones

    Years ago in a Bible Study my husband, a farmer born and bred, responded to the parable of the sower by saying, “This guy was really careless with his valuable seed wheat – he just tossed it everywhere!” Ever since I’ve seen the parable through that lens. Seed was scattered everywhere it had the slightest chance of growing. That reads like grace to me.

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