Something worth singing about!


So this guy woke up 100% ready to sing praises. I believe he is encouraging us that, “worship is a great idea this morning!” and I’m with him. I may take Mr. Bird along with me. Maybe some of his friends too.

On a cool, clear February morning it’s clear that life is a beautiful gift. You can make up some other story if you feel you need to, but the one that leads us to worship is the consistent, authentic transformational truth.DSC_0003

“God so loves this world. God went so far as to give his only son. God does not want anyone to miss the invitation. Jesus did not come to condemn the world but, instead, Jesus came to offer the gift of real life” (John 3:16-17).

Why would anyone walk away from such a compelling invitation? This is the message that all of creation is affirming, with joy and enthusiasm – if only we have ears tuned in to hear.

This is a celebration worth showing up for!


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