Wake Forest winter snow and splish-splashing in Miami

February 20 in Miami

In a perfect tribute to the world of irony, the first video our daughter’s family posted from Miami (the children splashing around at the beach) just happens to be running on Facebook while big, fluffy snowflakes are falling here in Wake Forest (Friday afternoon). Both sights are beautiful, and the juxtaposition is beyond epic.

February 20 in Wake Forest

The beach photographs make me smile because it’s apparent our grandchildren are getting the full Miami experience before starting school next week. It’s tough enough to move in the middle of the year, but their parents are doing everything possible to help the children settle in with as much joy as possible.

The beach excursion – a manageable 25-minutes from their new home – was supposed to be nothing more than a quick walk after lunch. Nothing, however, could hold the children back, and they raced enthusiastically into the water!

Meanwhile, back in North Carolina, the first snow of 2020 gave a light dusting to the trees in our neighborhood.

I am always taken aback at how beautiful the stark winter landscape looks, especially when the shapes of the trees are accentuated by snow and ice.

Enjoy these photographs, then look forward to some more when I get out again in the morning. Peace and blessings – DEREK

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