The best photos of 2020 so far (Snow in Wake Forest Part 2)


Here we go, friends, “Snow in Wake Forest” Part II. It may not have been a lot of precipitation, but the overnight freeze certainly made for a beautiful, sparkling Friday morning.

Consequently I have around a dozen more good photos to share – but this time with sunshine and “Carolina Blue” skies. Of course, I well understand that for my readers living in higher latitudes this snowfall is hardly worth noting. But our winter was looking like a disappointing bust, so “Snowpocalypse 2020” is absolutely an event worthy of a second glance!

IMG_E8881Besides, it’s so pretty to look at. And who doesn’t like pretty-to-look-at especially when shoveling isn’t even a consideration?

Tonight we should have our lowest temperatures of the season, coming in around 19-degrees. My prayer is that the mosquito population has been sufficiently fooled by the early Spring and will be caught out wearing shorts and flip-flops.

IMG_E8885 (2)Anyway, and like I pointed out in yesterday’s post (Wake Forest Winter Snow and Splish-splashing in Miami), it’s a curious juxtaposition of events that the children moved to Miami exactly while this was happening.

I’m not sure what the remainder of the winter will look like, but this has been one more serendipitous couple of days.

Enjoy – I know I have – DEREK


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