Beauty, grace, hospitality, and church architecture:

Outside North Raleigh Presbyterian Church: photo credit – Stormy Ingold

For the most part, I enjoy all of my work. The fact that I earn a living via writing, teaching, talking about my books, and a little photography is a blessing of the upmost magnitude. I am grateful in so many ways.

Saturday was the “taking photos” part. I serve as “official” photographer for the Presbytery of New Hope, which means I get to walk around all day like a National Geographic photographer stalking wildlife: “Observe the Presbyterian in its native habitat; notice how they build community and nurture their young, relying on intelligence, imagination, and grace…”

DSC_0167I love the challenge of documenting something simultaneously both fluid and rigid. Worship and business; relationships and the inspirational work of the spirit in equal measure with tradition and order. I try to let the photographs tell a story rather than simply capturing beautiful images.

This story will be shared in two or three posts, with the first – today – focusing more on the physical space that is North Raleigh Presbyterian Church, the community which so graciously hosted Saturday’s meeting.

It’s a lovely location, both outside and in. However, like every church, it is the people who make it work. Nothing is more beautiful than a room full with people singing God’s Praises.

Like the ancients wrote, it really is good to be in the house of the Lord (Psalm 122).

So here is the outside; the next set of images will feature the inside, and the faithful people who make God’s heart sing – DEREK


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